Birthday boy

Celebrating with Archie

The middle of February was our boy Archie’s first birthday.  He has grown into a beautiful dog and has the sweetest nature.  His favourite trick is a high five, although sometimes he’s a little too enthusiastic and smacks you in the face with his heavy paw.  He loves his life on the croft and can’t wait to get started in the mornings, always managing to wake just before our alarm and starting a noisy game with Daisy.

This month we have been preparing ourselves for lambing.  There was a slim possibility that our ewes could  have given birth from 26th but it seems that the first tup we put in with them, wasn’t quite up to the job.  We are now expecting deliveries at the end of next month.

In the meantime we have had the girls inside for a bit of TLC to make sure they are in tip top condition.  Read about their sojourn at the sheep health spa.

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