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Dog with Tennis Balls

Having a Ball!

How much does your dog love a ball?Balls – the Ultimate Toy

There are many toys available for pets today in all shapes and sizes to cater to all needs, but some just prefer the humble ball.

Even so, with so much choice available, how do you choose the perfect ball for your pet?

Balls you can’t pick up

Not all dogs like to fetch and chase.  Some like to squeak or seek out treats.

Our boy Blitz loved any ball, but once he had it clamped in his jaws, it was game over. He wasn’t releasing it for any reason. However, he had one ball that he couldn’t clamp and that was the Boomer Ball.

Nevertheless, he loved that ball. He would play with it for hours on his own until we had to pull him away because he was so over-excited.

Blitz with his Boomer Ball

Blitz with his Boomer Ball

Balls to Chase in the Dark

We have wasted plenty of hours traipsing around a pitch-black park searching for the ball that one of our dogs has dropped. But for dusk and dawn playtime, the Chuckit! Max Glow Ball is ideal – no batteries required!

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

Balls that go beyond Fetch

The Hol-ee Roller Ball is probably more fun on land. This ball can be used for tugging and tossing, but also filling with tasty treats.

Dog with Hol-ee Roller Ball

Photograph by SETH CASTEEL @

Balls with Catnip for the Canny Cat

Cats love to chase too, and so these animal print Jungle Catnip Balls are fun and bring out the Tiger in your Kitty – they can’t resist the Catnip!

Jungle Catnip Balls

Jungle Catnip Balls

Boredom Busters for Horses

Horses love balls too, and these Jolly Balls are perfect not just for horses, but also for dogs. They come in scented varieties to make them more attractive to your horse.

Horse with Jolly Ball

Horses love balls too and are available in scented varieties

Ball Toys for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Why not take a look at our full range of Ball Toys and see if you can spot one that could be your pet’s new favourite?

Ball toys for dogs

From left to right, Chuckit! Breathe Right, Bad Cuz, Mini Fetch me Fido, Orbee-Tuff Fetch Balls, Chuckit! Rope Fetch Toy, Tug n Toss Jolly Ball, Ball in a Ball Puzzle Toy, Biosafe Puppy Treat Balls, Chuckit! Fetch Medley