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Wine ripening on the vine

Keeping an eye on our prosective wine crops

As we continue to work through our wine collection from last year’s fruit, it never hurts to keep an eye on the makings for this year’s batch!

Our grape vines are doing very well and we hope for a similar size crop to the one we had last year, and the blackcurrants are just coming up to the point where we will have to watch them very closely.

We didn’t manage to harvest many blackcurrants last year so the blackcurrant wine was missing unfortunately, but the grapes more than made up for it. We believe that last year’s red grape wine is the finest we have ever made.

Bottling it

It was time to bottle the wine

The time had come to bottle last year’s crop of red grape wine, which has been sitting in a cold room in demijohns for about 6-8 months.

In truth, the wine should have been syphoned into fresh demijohns a couple of times to remove the silt, but these ones have been pretty much left to their own devices since they were started – plenty of warmth for a couple of weeks, then left in the cool to finish.

Once we had cleaned out and sterilised several bottles, the bottling began. Obviously each demijohn had to be ‘sampled’ to check that it was actually worth bottling the contents, and thankfully all 5 passed the taste test!

We now have over 20 litres of delicious red wine, made from the juice of grapes grown here at the croft! If we can just give them time to settle…