Geraldine the ewe goes for an unplanned dip

With slightly drier weather so far, the piglets are doing well. 8 in all. They are coping with the surface mud, and are already tucking into mum’s fodder!

Electric fencing continues slowly too, with a second of the 4 main paddocks getting the treatment.

We also nearly lost one of our ewes last week. Having nipped out of our rear fence, she fell into a drainage ditch and couldn’t get out. She may have been there for nearly 24 hours, and when we found her, she was only just visible with her head and back showing in the muddy water.

She was very cold and obviously tired, and it took 3 people to get her out. Sheep are heavy enough without a fleece full of water!

She rested on her side in the steading for 3 days (pictured), barely moving but warm under a heat lamp, and we called the vet to check her over. After a further day or two, we managed to get her back on her feet.

Keeping her warm

She has recovered well and is now out in the field chewing grass. Albeit with a visible tide mark!

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