Making Kefir

We get to grips with fermenting

When we had Betsy the milking goat, we began making Kefir as we had so much milk and we needed to find ways to use it!

It’s rumoured to be fantastic for gut health, containing a friendly probiotic and it’s so simple to make. You end up with a tart, slightly fizzy drink within 24 hours. Once you’ve bought your original Kefir grains, you can carry on making it forever, needing nothing else but fresh milk. And the grains multiply so you could potentially provide all your friends and family with their own supply.

On the TV this week, there was a programme called Save Money, Good Health and we were amused to see a section on making your own Kefir. At least they confirmed that it was indeed good for you as we have become quite addicted to it now! The trouble is, after losing the milking goat, we now have to buy milk, so it’s not quite so convenient any more.

In other news, Toby reached the grand old age of 1 year and we took him to the vet for hip and elbow scoring. We are now awaiting the results.

He has been as busy as ever learning new tricks and road testing products. See his latest Tobeo, showing how it’s done with the Fetch and Treat.

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