Late summer sunshine provides us with an opportunity

We have had some beautiful weather over the last couple of weeks which has persauded us to do some much needed work outside.  The fencing was beginning to show its age, sagging in places with wobbly posts.  The sheep enjoy scratching their backsides on anything that is static causing damage and also practicing their agility skills and snapping wires

Our long term plan was to have metal gates in the middle of 4 paddocks, giving easy access to each and creating a pen in the centre where we could catch the sheep and carry out any essential maintenance work on them.

It was a big job, huge strainers needed to be embedded in the ground to take the weight of the heavy gates and four lines of stock fence had to be either repaired or replaced.  We have no machinery to carry out these jobs so it all had to be done with hand tools and hard work, digging through the clay and bashing in dozens of posts.

On the up side, the dogs enjoyed every minute of it, they spent their days in the fields, sniffing, chasing and searching for rabbits.

It’s now all complete and we are delighted with it.  Just in the nick of time as we are putting the tups in with the ewes and we certainly don’t want any escapees at the moment.

The dogs were more than happy to demonstrate our fantastic new pen.

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