Scotland’s Disctastic Show

Google – UFO Throw and Catch World Cup Qualifier Photo Susan Balshaw

The weekend of 27th and 28th July, saw the advent of the first-ever Disc Dog Show in Scotland and what a resounding success it turned out to be. Despite the weather doing it’s utmost to dampen everyone’s spirits, a fantastic time was had by all. Dogs and owners alike.

You can see some of the highlights here and read the full show report below. If this doesn’t w(h)et your appetite for this fun dog sport, nothing will!

A pre-show dip!

What an exciting weekend of Disc Dog Activities this first-ever Disc Dog Show in Scotland has been.

We had sixteen classes over the two days and a fabulous entry of 91 partnerships working in both individual events on Saturday and team and pairs events on Sunday. This was a fabulous entry which exceeded my expectations as the show organizer.

Many thanks to our sponsors – to Training Lines and Hyperflite, Fish 4 Dogs, Dorwest Herbs and to the wonderful Jean Steen who made so many super toys.

Class 1 UK DDA Throw Disc

Nicola Russell and Nessie, Crossbreed – UK Disc Dog Association Throw Disc Photo Susan Balshaw

This was the largest class of the day and the standard was high with many of the competitors being new to the sport. The aim is to throw as far as possible on the marked-out pitch in order to maximize your points and you have a minute to do this.

This class opened the show and provided a lot of excitement with a three-way run off for 2nd, 3rd and 4th places which Susan and Lloyd won clearly, leaving Lori and Jackie to fight it out for 3rd and 4th place on a third run off.

The standard was high, and many good dogs sadly went without a place.

1st   Michelle Porter and Luna, Bearded Collie scoring a massive 8 points
2nd  Susan Balshaw and Lloyd, WSD scoring 6
3rd   Jackie McLaughlan and Brachen, Bearded Collie scoring 6
4th   Lori Buestow and Jet, WSD scoring 6

Class 2 UK DDA Jump Disc

Laura James and casey, Golden Retriever in UK Disc Dog Association Jump Disc Photo Susan Balshaw

This class offered the opportunity to those who have agility experience to showcase a clear round over three jumps prior to catching a disc. The dogs had 90 seconds to complete as many clear rounds as possible which must include a disc catch per round.

Well done to Lori on having taken the top place with ease and after a run off taking the second place too.

1st Lori Buetow and Jet, WSD scoring 6
2nd Lori Buetow and Wren scoring 2
3rd Jackie McLaughlan and Brachen, Bearded Collie scoring 2
4th Laura James and Casey, Golden Retriever scoring 1

Class 3 UK DDA FreeDisc

Heather Smith and Dinky Diva winners of UK disc Dog Association Freedisc Photo Nicole Bowman

This class offered all the tricks and excitement which so many people associate with Disc Dog and it was my pleasure to judge this class alongside fellow Crufts Competitor and qualifier Penny Mansfield and Nicola Cameron of Kirk Dog Training Club.

The places were hotly contended and some of the scores throughout the class were very close. There was however a runaway winner.

1st   Michelle Porter and Luna, Bearded Collie scoring 71 points

What an athletic dog displaying drive and commitment. Such a variety of tricks and use of distances which showcased this dog’s ability to perfection. With a catch score of 50 and an audience appeal score of 13, this partnership was untouchable.

2nd  Jackie McLaughlin and Brachen, Bearded Collie Scoring 58

This routine was funny from the moment they started which was evident from the full 15 marks awarded for Audience Appeal. There was recognizable patterning in the throws which included a fabulous Round the world, there were jumps and an innovative fingerspin throw.

3rd   Susan Balshaw and Lloyd, WSD scoring 49

This new partnership is one to watch. I judged the Creativity section of this routine and it was stand out different as it had a lovely musicality which very much appealed to the Dog Dancer in me. There was a varied content and a high scoring 26 in the catch section.

4th   Sonya Ingledew and Breeze, WSD Scoring 43

Sonya Ingledew and Drizzle, WSD scoring 43

Same handler with two different dog and well-chosen music reflecting the differences in these two dogs. Drizzle’s routine showcased varied distances and tricks. This little dog has so much more to offer she scored 22 very considered catches and an audience appeal of 12. Breeze suits her name as she is both athletic and fast. I liked the attention to detail in the jumps matching the lyrics of the music at the beginning of the routine. With a catch score of 23 and Audience appeal of 13 these two were inseparable.

Class 4 and 12 – UFO World Cup Throw and Catch Qualifier

Flurry in UFO Throw and Catch World Cup Qualifier Photo Nicole Bowman

This class was held by kind permission of the UFO World Series and we are indebted to Chris Sexton for all the help and support we have been given.

This qualifier was held over two days with each dog having eight one-minute runs and the overall score deciding the winner.

The second day brought the challenge of windy conditions which seemed to vary with each run. But there were clear winners in the top three dogs which incidentally include two dogs from the same breeder and from repeat matings. These three dogs are now qualified for the European Championships in the Netherlands and the World Championships

Thank you to our judges Penny and John Mansfield for their hard work over the two days.

1st   Heather Smith and Luna, Bearded Collie                                                        29
2nd  Heather Smith and Google, Bearded Collie                                                    21
3rd   Heather Smith and Flurry, Australian Shepherd                                           18

Class 5 and 13 – UFO World Cup Freestyle

Marie Docherty and Beardie Walter in UFO Freestyle World Cup Qualifier Photo Susan Balshaw

This class is judged on a variety of aspects and has a panel of judges who judge a category of their own and with the top three judges on the list also giving a comprehensive score on each routine.

Thank you to our judges –





Each partnership competed on both days and the top three partnerships are the qualifiers for the European and American Finals.

1st   Heather Smith and Google                                                                              67.4
2nd  Heather Smith and Luna (owned by Michelle Porter                                  61.97
3rd  Heather Smith and Flurry                                                                                 59.3

Google in UFO Freestyle World Cup Qualifier Photo Nicole Bowman

Class 6 – Small Dog UK DDA Throw Disc and Jump Disc Combined

This class only attracted one entry but in the Throw Disc Nessie managed a respectable score of 5. This little dog is very athletic and keen. A valiant attempt at the Jump Disc, I am sure it will come with training and time.

1st Nicola Russell and Loch Ness Monster, Crossbreed, scoring 5

Class 7 – Small Dog UK DDA FreeDisc

1st   Heather Smith and DinkyDiva, Bichon Frise, scoring 29.4

Class 8 – Toss and Fetch Individuals

As Scotland is about to take part in the Toss and Fetch Disc League, which is a worldwide event, the results here are very good news for the Flying Scots Team who took all top four places.

1st   Heather Smith and Google, Bearded Collie, scoring 13
2nd Michelle Porter and Luna, Bearded Collie scoring 5
3rd   Nicola Russell with Loch Ness Monster, crossbreed scoring 2
4th   Nicola Russell with Boston, crossbreed scoring 2

There were a few judges’ specials throughout this class with Awesome Flying awards going to Heather Smith’s Google and Sonya Ingledew’s Breeze.

Sunday brought a sunnier start to the day which was much appreciated since the Saturday evening Treiball competition had ended in a downpour of rain. Team events and pairs were very much the order of the day.

Class 9 – UK DDA Throw Disc Teams

This was a hotly contested team event with the Bearded Collie Team of Team Captain, Jackie McLaughlan, alongside Marie Docherty, Michelle Porter and Heather Smith and their partners Brachen, Walter, Luna and Google Scoring 182.

The Anything but a Beardie team of Captain, Laura James with Casey, Nici Russell and Nessie, Susan Balshaw and Lloyd and Abby and Breeze making 150 points

Class 10 – UK DDA Jump Disc Team Event

It was the turn of the Anything but a Beardie team to take this class with Team Captain Laura with Golden Retriever Casey leading her team of Heather Davis and WSD Flossie, Abby and WSD Breeze, Sonya Ingledew and WSD Drizzle with 10 points to a narrow victory over the Beardies who scored 8.5 points.

Class 11 – UK DDA FreeDisc Team Event

Another victory for the Team of Bearded Collies Captained by Jackie McLaughlan and Brachen with Marie Docherty and Walter, Michelle Porter and Luna and Heather Smith and Google.

A huge well done to the runners up here of Team Captain Laura James and her Golden Retriever Casey, and Abby and Breeze, Susan Balshaw and Lloyd and Nici Russell and Nessie.

There were prizes for the best overall Team which was the Beardie Team and a round of good-humoured Disc Cheerleading!

Class 14 – Small dog UK DDA Freedisc

Only one entry in this class but a resounding well done to

1st   Nici Russell and Nessie, Crossbreed

Class 15 – Toss and Fetch Pairs

The weather was very unkind to us as the rain started during this class. The Bearded Collie sisters were runaway winners with the second and third places being hotly contended.

1st   Michelle Porter and Luna with Heather Smith and Google scoring 13.5
2nd  Susan Balshaw and Lloyd and Abby Sams and Breeze scoring 3ackie McLaughlan and Brachen with Marie Docherty and Walter scoring 3.5
3rd   Jackie McLaughlan and Brachen with Marie Docherty and Walter scoring 3
4th   Nici Russell and Boston with Heather Smith and DinkyDiva

Class 16 – Round the World Challenge

This fun class gave the dogs a lot of fun with the challenge of 90 seconds of drive, athleticism and disc catching.

1st   Jackie McLaughlan and Brachen scoring 27
2nd  Michelle Porter and Luna scoring 17
3rd   Heather Smith and Google scoring 12
4th   Susan Balshaw and Lloyd scoring 6

This brought the Disc Show to a close for 2019. My thanks to all who helped set up for the show, and clear away in the torrential rain, a massive thanks to judges, timers, scorers, DJs and those who gave their time from other Dog Activities to judge in the UKDDA FreeDisc.

We are already looking forward to our 2020 show and hope you may come and join us either by entering or coming along to spectate.

Penny & John Mansfield’s Roxy, Australian Shepherd – part of the wining Treiball Team Photo Nicole Bowman

Rosettes and Prizes Photo Susan Balshaw

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