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Dog with Tennis Balls

Having a Ball!

How much does your dog love a ball?Balls – the Ultimate Toy

There are many toys available for pets today in all shapes and sizes to cater to all needs, but some just prefer the humble ball.

Even so, with so much choice available, how do you choose the perfect ball for your pet?

Balls you can’t pick up

Not all dogs like to fetch and chase.  Some like to squeak or seek out treats.

Our boy Blitz loved any ball, but once he had it clamped in his jaws, it was game over. He wasn’t releasing it for any reason. However, he had one ball that he couldn’t clamp and that was the Boomer Ball.

Nevertheless, he loved that ball. He would play with it for hours on his own until we had to pull him away because he was so over-excited.

Blitz with his Boomer Ball

Blitz with his Boomer Ball

Balls to Chase in the Dark

We have wasted plenty of hours traipsing around a pitch-black park searching for the ball that one of our dogs has dropped. But for dusk and dawn playtime, the Chuckit! Max Glow Ball is ideal – no batteries required!

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

Balls that go beyond Fetch

The Hol-ee Roller Ball is probably more fun on land. This ball can be used for tugging and tossing, but also filling with tasty treats.

Dog with Hol-ee Roller Ball

Photograph by SETH CASTEEL @ LittleFriendsPhoto.com

Balls with Catnip for the Canny Cat

Cats love to chase too, and so these animal print Jungle Catnip Balls are fun and bring out the Tiger in your Kitty – they can’t resist the Catnip!

Jungle Catnip Balls

Jungle Catnip Balls

Boredom Busters for Horses

Horses love balls too, and these Jolly Balls are perfect not just for horses, but also for dogs. They come in scented varieties to make them more attractive to your horse.

Horse with Jolly Ball

Horses love balls too and are available in scented varieties

Ball Toys for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Why not take a look at our full range of Ball Toys and see if you can spot one that could be your pet’s new favourite?

Ball toys for dogs

From left to right, Chuckit! Breathe Right, Bad Cuz, Mini Fetch me Fido, Orbee-Tuff Fetch Balls, Chuckit! Rope Fetch Toy, Tug n Toss Jolly Ball, Ball in a Ball Puzzle Toy, Biosafe Puppy Treat Balls, Chuckit! Fetch Medley

Our favourite things

Our Favourite Things

KONG for your pup

The KONG Classic

These are a few of our favourite things – unassuming yet amazingly useful enrichment toys

Thanks to the pandemic, many people new to pet ownership are finding their feet with their new paws and wading through the thousands of available aids, toys, and enrichment games on the market.

We see a lot of different toys for pets and there are plenty of choices, but what if you want a “toy” that has more than one purpose? One that can become a hit with your pet and your go-to item for entertainment, comfort or learning. Have a quick browse through our well-tested, favourite things.


KONG sizes

KONG – available in a range of sizes and varieties

Years ago, when we bought our pups their first KONGs, neither we nor the youngsters were impressed. We tried throwing them, but there wasn’t a lot of interest in them and they may have chewed on them for a while, but they just weren’t very stimulating. If only we had known!

KONGs solve these problems

What use is a KONG?

Fast forward a few years and we learned the secret of the KONG – the filling! Fill them with all sorts of goodies and the dogs were drooling the moment they saw them. That is the value of a KONG. Freeze them in the hot weather for a nice refreshing treat and prolong the entertainment.

KONG Stuffing

Learn to stuff ’em

Cats too, can get to enjoy this far from boring gift that keeps on giving.

Kitty KONG for cats

The Kitty KONG


Puller pup

The Puller Dog Exercise Toy

Another product that doesn’t initially excite you when you first set eyes on it. The Puller has become the number one favourite toy in our household. They all love it, even Jack, who doesn’t play with toys.

Puller range

The Puller comes in a wide range of sizes to suit all breeds

It will fly like a frisbee, roll along the ground, float in water and not surprisingly, you can use it as a puller or tuggy. If you have more than one dog, they can play tug together. Our dogs adore it, especially our Daisy, who would swim to it in the pool and even chase it in her wheelchair.

But that’s not all it does, it is also a dog fitness aid, and with it, you get instructions on just how to use it to get your dog fit. But, if fun is all you’re after, you can’t beat it!

Puller train

Train your dog to fitness with the Puller

Tug n Toss Jolly Ball

Tug n Toss Jolly Ball Floats

The Tug n Toss Jolly Ball

The Tug n Toss Jolly Ball is actually lovely to look at, but it is far more than just an ornament. This toy floats beautifully in water and, with the handle, is perfect for a dog to grab. Although our big boy Blitz never bothered with the handle, he enjoyed chomping into the body with his powerful jaws. And that’s the beauty of a Tug n Toss Jolly Ball, they may puncture, but they don’t deflate.

Jolly Ball Range

Available in a range of sizes and even scented varieties

Great for tossing, retrieving and for mouthing. They are also brilliant enrichment toys for horses and come in scented varieties to entice the equine nose!

Jolly Horse

An enrichment toy for your horse or pony

HOL-EE Roller

Hol-EE Roller

The HOL-EE Roller

This one took us by surprise. We have stocked the HOL-EE Roller for a while, but had no idea that there was a whole movement out there – #hackyourholee.

Hack your HOL-EE


Such a simple, unassuming “toy”, and yet it has a cult following. Inventive owners have come up with all sorts of wonderful ideas to turn this into probably one of the best, most cost-effective enrichment toys around at the moment.

HOL-EE Sizes

The HOL-EE Roller comes in a range of sizes

Use the HOL-EE Roller for a simple game of fetch if you wish, but you can go so much further. Attach a handle to it for an instant tuggy. Fill it with treats, or don’t just fill it with treats! Cut up some felt strips, roll the treats inside and then push them through the holes of the HOL-EE for longer-lasting fun and a handy brain game. Alternatively, put a ball or squeaker inside for some exciting entertainment. And horses can enjoy it too!

Hol-EE Roller horse

Fill the HOL-EE Roller with hay or treats to make snack time more fun