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We take our pick…

What an amazing summer it has been weatherwise. We haven’t had so many sun-filled days in all the time we’ve lived at the Croft.

It hasn’t been without its drawbacks though, and the lack of rain has given us some concerns over our water supply. We have our own well, in fact, we have two wells, one connected to the house and the other way out in a field. They have been known to run dry, although not in all the time we’ve lived here. Not only do we need water for ourselves, but there are also sheep and goats to consider, not to mention very thirsty dogs!

The sunshine has also had an amazing effect on our fruit garden. We have gooseberries, cherries and a staggering amount of blackcurrants, the best crop we’ve ever seen. In previous years they barely ripen before they disappear into the beaks of the ever hungry birds that live here year round, but this time, there must be more fruit than they can eat because the bushes are absolutely laden and we are frantically picking and freezing.

There is plenty more to come as well, apples, crab apples, blackberries and blueberries. The blueberries have never managed to ripen before, but we have high hopes this year. And in addition, at the very end of the now-defunct polytunnel, there is a fig tree, sheltering under the remaining polythene and its branches are full of huge juicy looking figs. Perfect for breakfast with our homemade kefir.

We are also lucky to be close to many beautiful beaches, we can choose from pebbles and mysterious caves, or mile-long stretches of golden sands and the dogs have been enjoying both, but only in the very early mornings when it has been cool.

If the weather can just hold out for a little bit longer, we could even bale a decent hay crop!

Who gives a fig?

When you can eat the figs, prune the fig trees

This year has just flown by and we are sad to admit that we haven’t done any work at all in the polytunnel, there have been so many other things demanding our time and attention.

However, even our lack of effort has not prevented it from producing.

In the spring we had bunches of wild garlic, perfect for pesto, salads and making a cheese omelette just a little bit more exciting.

Then there was the rocket, which grew in abundance and was just as delicious in all of the above situations.

Potatoes popped up here and there.  Sage, rosemary, lemon balm and even lavendar were plentiful.

Even the grapes have produced a harvest, although smaller than usual.

But, the star of the show must be the fig tree.  Every year this has been tended lovingly, watered and cared for.  We have had the odd fig or two but most of them have never bothered to ripen, falling off in the winter months.

This year, after being completely left  to its own devices, it has produced dozens of plump looking figs which are just now beginning to ripen and we are picking them before they burst open.

According to an ancient saying “when you can eat the figs, prune the fig trees”, so maybe that’s a hint for us to get on with it!