Motorhoming with dogs

Woof-tastic Adventures

Motorhoming with dogs

Motorhoming with dogs!

How to Make Your Dog’s Motorhome Journey Pawesome! 🐾

Alright, fellow dog-loving wanderers, let’s talk about the ultimate road trip: cruising the UK in your trusty motorhome. But wait, there’s a twist—your furry sidekick is coming along for the ride! Buckle up (literally), because we’re diving into the doggy details of motorhome escapades across this green and pleasant land.

Securing Your Canine Co-Pilot

Picture this: You’re rolling through the Cotswolds, wind in your hair, and your dog’s ears flapping like victory flags. But safety first! In the UK, we don’t do loose pups bouncing around the campervan like tennis balls. So, here’s the deal:

Dog Harness: Strap your furball into a crash-tested harness. It’s like their own mini rollercoaster ride—safe, snug, and ready for adventure.

Seatbelt Adaptor: Buckle them up! Size matters, folks. Choose a harness that fits like a bespoke suit. Got a pack of pooches? Make sure you’ve got enough seat belts or consider custom-fitted crates. Safety first, tails wagging second!

Dogs in crash-tested harnesses in motorhome

Strapped in and ready to roll!

Packing for Your Pawesome Pooch

Your dog’s packing list is more crucial than your Spotify playlist (yes, even more than that guilty pleasure song you secretly love). Here’s what to toss into their doggy backpack:

Food and Water: Pack enough kibble to rival a squirrel’s stash. And don’t forget the treats—because every good boy and girl deserves a biscuit break. Their food and water bowls? Essential. We’re not barbarians; hydration matters.

Lead and Collar: Picture this: You’re parked by a scenic lake, the sun dipping below the horizon. Your dog spots a squirrel (or maybe it’s just a leaf—it’s hard to tell). You reach for the lead, and voilà! Walkies commence. Oh, and make sure that collar or harness fits like a tailored tuxedo. We don’t want any Houdini escapes when you open the door. Busy roads and doggie acrobatics don’t mix.

Bed or Blanket: Your dog needs a cosy spot. Bring their bed or a soft blanket—it’s like their home away from home. Familiar scent? Check. Comfort? Double-check.

Dogs sleeping in the motorhome

After a long hike around a Loch, let sleeping dogs lie!

Toys: Boredom? Not on our watch! Pack their favourite toys. Because chasing tennis balls in the Highlands is a national sport.

Waste Bags: Be a responsible pet parent. Clean up after your dog. Bring plenty of pick up bags. No excuses.

First Aid Kit: Bandages, antiseptic wipes, and doggy meds. It’s like having a mini vet clinic on wheels.

Ticks and Fleas: These wee beasties are everywhere. Arm yourself with tick and flea treatments. Your dog will thank you.

Pick up after your pooches

Take plenty of poo bags and clean up after your dogs!

Getting Your Dog Road-Ready

Before the grand adventure, take short trips with your dog. Get them used to the motorhome vibes. Less anxiety, fewer motion sickness woes. Gradually increase trip duration—soon, they’ll be navigating like a pro.

Dogs That Don’t Travel Well

Some dogs are drama queens (and kings). Winding roads? Cue the canine queasiness. So, stock up on pads, bags, and cleaning fluids. Consult your vet for motion sickness remedies. And create a cosy nook inside the motorhome where your dog can zen out.

Be prepared for dog travel sickness

Not all dogs travel well, so be prepared!

Campsite Etiquette: Unleash the Paw-sitivity! 🏕️🐾

Alright, fellow road-trippers, let’s talk campsite manners. You’ve got your motorhome parked, the kettle’s on, and the world awaits. But wait—your dog’s here too! Fear not, my canine-loving compadres. We’re about to drop some etiquette knowledge that’ll make your dog the belle of the campsite ball.

Leash Up, Tail Wag On

Picture this: You step out of your motorhome, the sun peeking through the trees, and there’s your dog—ready for adventure. But hold your biscuits! In the UK, we play by the rules:

Motorhome dog garden

The dog garden!

Leash It: Keep your pup on a lead when outside. No rogue explorers zigzagging like squirrels on caffeine.

Site-Specific Rules: Each campsite has its own pet playbook. Some have off-lead wonderlands; others are more buttoned-up. Check before you arrive. No surprises, just tail wags.

Windbreak dog garden

A good windbreak makes a great dog enclosure on campsites!

Bark-tastic Journeys Await!

Now, fellow adventurers, buckle up, leash up, and embark on a tail-wagging odyssey across the UK. Stick to the rules, pack the essentials, and let your dog be your trusted co-pilot. Because life’s too short for boring road trips—especially when you’ve got a furry sidekick by your side. Happy travels, woofers! 🚐🐶

We use:

Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog harnesses

Bettercare Pet Gates

Coveva Windbreaks