Are you looking for a new activity you can enjoy with your pet? Agility perhaps? Tracking? Nosework? We have a great range of books to help you get started, and to guide you to new levels in your training. Keeping your dog mentally and physically active is a great way to reduce problem behaviours, and it's great fun for you both too!

Dog Activities and Sports Books and DVDs

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PDIPG1 Interactive Play Guide
  • £13.95
PDPTP1 Pathway To Positivity
  • £15.95
PDG1 Gymnastricks: Targeted Muscle Training For Dogs
  • £14.95
DBOBGFD1 Brain Games for Dogs by Claire Arrowsmith
  • £9.95
DBOBGFP1 Brain Games for Puppies by Claire Arrowsmith
  • £7.95
HFDDTDVD12 Disc Dogs Training DVD by Hyperflite
  • £22.75
  • including VAT

PDFFAG1 Foundation Fun and Games
  • £15.95
PDAFS1 Agility For Starters
  • £13.95
KPARFTS1 Agility Right From The Start
  • £25.00
KPTTBK1 Try Tracking: The Puppy Tracking Primer
  • £11.45
KPOGD1 Positive Gun Dogs
  • £17.95