Improve the effectiveness of your Dog Agility Training with our useful accessories. Encourage work with out treat dispensing fabric toys from Fun with Fido, perfect working ahead with the Treat and Train Remote Reward System, or improve your dog's core fitness with the Puller. Whatever you need, stay on top of your agility programme!

Dog Agility Training Accessories

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PFDTDQPTFD11 Treat Dispensing Fabric Quad Pod Toy for Dogs
  • £14.95
  • including VAT

PFFTDLBFD11 Treat Dispensing Fabric Lotus Ball for Dogs
  • £10.75
  • including VAT

PDTDOBFD1 Treat Dispensing Fabric Oyster Ball for Dogs
  • £11.75
  • including VAT

CCPETD14 Puller Exercise Toy for Dogs
  • £6.95
  • including VAT

CCDGGGB11 Doggone Good Gear Bag
  • £84.95
  • including VAT

COACPSL111 CLIX 3 in 1 Slip Lead for Dogs
  • £8.95
  • including VAT