EYENIMAL® is a French brand that designs, manufactures and sells a global range of accessories for cats and dogs. Our products are definitely high-tech, innovative and design. Our products are meant to be daring and visionary.

Our history:
EYENIMAL® was born in 2009 out of the passion of its founder for the observation of felines and particularly Prince, his own cat. The launch of Petcam, the first onboard camera in the world for cats and dogs, has revolutionized the world of pet accessories and brought a worldwide recognition to the brand.

Since 2011, EYENIMAL® is a trademark of Num'Axes, European leader in the manufacturing of electronic solutions for dog training.

EYENIMAL® offers the best solutions to smartly educate your pets, ensure their security and take care of them every day: the original quality Chic brand for high-tech cats and dogs accessories with a French touch

Our mission
« To make the man the pet’s best friend »

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