Jolly Pets was founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of Horsemen’s Pride, Inc. The great success of the original Jolly Ball® manufactured for the equine industry under the Horsemen’s Pride name prompted the inception of Jolly Pets.

A strong focus has been placed on the quality and durability of all the products that Jolly Pets manufactures. All of our products are backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Jolly Pets is continually looking to expand its product line with new and innovative products in order to offer the most complete line of top quality products for every size pet.

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BHBHPJMB11 Horsemens Pride Jolly Mega Ball for Horses
  • £20.95
  • including VAT

BHBJABBH1 Jolly Apple Boredom Breaker For Horses
  • £10.90
  • including VAT

BHBJBTB11 Jolly Ball Teaser Ball
  • £10.95
  • including VAT

BHBJPJF11 Jolly Flyer Rubber Flying Dog Toy
  • £7.45
  • including VAT

BHBJBSTAT11 Scented Tug n Toss Jolly Ball for Horses
  • £24.95
  • including VAT

BHBJBTAT21 Tug n Toss Jolly Ball
  • £12.95
  • including VAT