K9-Sport Kft. was the first company in Europe to manufacture dog harnesses, protective equipment and other accessories for dog owners under the JULIUS-K9® brand name. The experts of the company developed their reputation by creating dog harnesses using original technology and solutions.

  • JULIUS-K9® manufacture the best dog handling and training equipment in the world.
  • Most of the parts made in Europe.
  • The quality is unrivalled, our prices unbeatable.
  • Used by most of the european police, armed services, prisons, customs and commercial security.
  • We have a life time of association with working trials, agility and obedience. Our products are based upon the practical demands of a working dog team.
  • Our products are unequalled in quality and finish
  • Easy handling
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JK9B13 I-Belt and Y-Belt for Julius-K9 Dog Harnesses
  • £9.95
  • including VAT

JKNDSCH31 Julius-K9 Dog Safety Collar with Handle
  • £19.75
  • including VAT

JKNIDCBH18 Julius-K9 IDC Belt Harness for Dogs
  • £37.45
  • including VAT

JKNIDCP12 Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness for Dogs
  • £17.95
  • including VAT

JKNSB11 Julius-K9 Saddle Bags (Backpack) for IDC Powerharness
  • £32.95
  • including VAT