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Mikki Jogging Lead

Mikki Jogging Lead
Mikki Jogging Lead Mikki Jogging Lead

The Jogging Lead is the best way to keep fit with your dog. It comes with a reflective coil lead and has a rotating 360° snap-lock to prevent lead tangles. The Neoprene arm band, with extra strong Velcro fastening, ensures safety while you are running.

Available in 2 widths:
Small - 1.9cm, 3/4 inches
Large - 2.5cm, 1 inch

Training Guide

  • Always take your dog to the vet for a full check-up before starting any new, strenuous activity.
  • Don't give your dog large meals and/or allow him to drink excessively one hour before and after the run.
  • This is especially important in dogs with deep chests that are susceptible to "bloat" (gastric torsion), which is a life-threatening condition (e.g. Great Danes, Dobermans, Weimaraners, German Shepherds).
  • Give your dog a chance to relieve himself before you start the run and make sure that you carry extra bags in case he needs to go again during the run.
  • To make an ideal jogging partner, your dog must be well-behaved and obedient. If your dog pulls, lunges, jumps up or generally misbehaves on the lead, make sure that you resolve these problems, with the help of the Mikki Walk-Ease Headcollar or Anti-Pull Harness and lead range, before you begin jogging together.
  • Always start slowly - even dogs in peak physical condition will need to build up their stamina. Be patient - just walk first, then speed-walk, then finally run, so that you can see how your dog copes with the increasing pace.
  • Build up the distance that you run gradually and give your dog time to adjust. Don't try to do too much and go too far on your first run - it is always better to underestimate your dog's abilities.
  • If the weather is warm and you are planning a long run, carry a water bottle for your dog or make sure your dog has access to water along the route.

Make sure:

  • You always remember your dog's limitations - some breeds are simply not designed for sustained exercise, particularly breeds with shortened muzzles.
  • You NEVER run with a puppy or a young dog whose limbs might still be growing - you can cause serious damage to his joints and bones which may not be reversible.
  • Your dog doesn't over heat. Unlike humans, dogs cannot sweat and so they can over-heat very rapidly in hot weather. Keep an eye on your dog and watch for any signs of heatstroke, such as: panting excessively, becoming sluggish and unresponsive, being disorientated and bright red gums and tongue. If heatstroke is suspected, call your vet for advice.
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