If you're looking for something new to train or entertain your pet, check out the latest new additions to our product range.  Includes dog, cat, and horse products as applicable.

New to Training Lines

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PDTDOBFD1 Treat Dispensing Fabric Oyster Ball for Dogs
  • £10.95
  • including VAT

RWCCB11 Chillout Cool Bone for Dogs
  • £4.95
  • including VAT

RPPGTDBD1 Rosewood Giggling Treat Dispensing Ball for Dogs
  • £5.45
  • including VAT

PPPK9PMMSF1 K9 Pursuits Multi Maze Slow Feeder
  • £13.95
  • including VAT

PPPK9PFFSF1 K9 Pursuits Forage Flapper Slow Feeder
  • £11.95
  • including VAT

WWLP1 Customised License Plate for Walkin' Wheels Wheelchairs
  • £19.95
  • including VAT

TRTMBFD1 Trixie Trainer Mini Bones for Dogs
  • £3.75
  • including VAT

PPPK9PIIQGR1 K9 Pursuits Interactive IQ Game Rebus
  • £11.75
  • including VAT