Dog Ramps and Steps

Make your dog's mobility or car travel easier and more comfortable with our range of dog ramps and steps. Ideal for small or large dogs who need help getting in or out of the car, or any raised surface.

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Dog Ramps and Steps

We have options for indoors, to help pets get on and off of furniture, and outdoors, to help them climb into and out of the car. Our range of dog ramps and steps caters for all breeds, and includes a ramp built for dogs weighing up to 100kg!

Dog Ramps for Senior Dogs

Senior dogs, or those with arthritis or other joint and mobility related issues can benefit from dog ramps and steps. Small dogs can, too. Your dog shouldn't need to struggle to get into the car, or onto a raised bed or the sofa, and it isn't always possible for you to support their entire weight either, or to lift and manoeuvre them. Thankfully, there are dog steps, stairs, and ramps suitable for most situations.

Dog ramps to protect puppies from injury

Puppies up to the age of 18 months, particularly large and giant breeds, are also very vulnerable to injury caused by jumping on and off furniture and out of vehicles. Their growth plates, areas of soft, developing cartilage, take time to calcify and develop into denser bone as a puppy grows. These growth plates are susceptible to damage or fracture and can cause potentially serious long term issues for the growing pup.

Car and furniture ramps and steps can help to reduce these risks and keep growing puppies safer from the risks of high impact jumping on and off of high objects.

Most of our dog ramps and steps are lightweight and either fold or are telescopic for easy storage, with anti-slip treads and attachment that help to protect vehicles from scratches and damage.