Harnesses and Head Halters can be a good way to reduce and eliminate dog pulling. If used correctly, with a double ended training lead for example, you not only control the effects of the pulling, but you can also help to train it out by giving your dog the choice and encouraging the right behaviour.

Training Harnesses and Head Halters

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COAHOHC13 Halti OptiFit Head Collar
  • £15.95
  • including VAT

COAHH11 Halti Harness
  • £10.95
  • including VAT

COAHTL11 Halti Training Lead
  • £8.45
  • including VAT

COANPHFD13 Non-Pull Harness for Dogs
  • £13.90
  • including VAT

JKNDSCH31 Julius-K9 Dog Safety Collar with Handle
  • £19.75
  • including VAT