Vetgood Protective Medical Suits for Cats and Dogs

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Vetgood® Protective Medical Suits for Cats and Dogs can help prevent your pet from licking or scratching their wounds or dressings during the healing process. Two-piece with Velcro® fastenings, these medical suits are easy to put on, are machine washable, and made of 95% cotton, 5% lycra for comfort.

Multiple sizes available. Please check size guide before ordering.

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The VetGood® Protective Medical Suits for Cats and Dogs provide pets with the protection they need to recover from injury or surgery, and gives owners the peace of mind that the delicate healing process is on track. By preventing licking and scratching of wounds and dressings, they can heal more quickly.

US Veterinarians who specialise in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Spay/Neuter, and Dermatology recommend protective suits for better wound management and post-surgical protection.

VetGood® medical suits are two-piece, machine washable and made of 95% cotton and 5% Lycra for comfort. The intuitive design makes them a breeze to put on and take off while ensuring good wound protection. Anatomically constructed to ensure a good fit, they come in a variety of sizes ranging from toy breeds, Poodles, Beagles, Cattle Dogs, Collies, Pit Bulls, Retrievers, and Bull Mastiffs.

For toileting, the rear half of the dog suits must be removed. Cat suits have a larger opening at the back, and may not need to be removed for toileting depending on how closely they fit your cat.


  • Two piece design with Velcro® closure for easy on/off for outside walks
  • Internal pockets on top and bottom pieces
  • Wide opening for (cat) litter box use
  • Bottom brief gives full rear coverage
  • Top fully covers torso
  • Machine washable
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra


  • anatomically designed for cats and dogs to protect bandages and wounds
  • helps to prevent licking and scratching
  • pockets for ice packs to reduce swelling, or pads for absorption
  • can be a good alternative to a cone!
  • only the rear part of the dog suit need be removed to allow toileting
  • cat suit can be left on for toileting

Size Guide:

To select the best fitting Vetgood Protective Medical Suit, measure your pet's length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail, and the circumference of the widest part of their chest. Scroll down for video. Sizes are for guidance only.

Pet Length
Chest Circumference
XXS Vetgood Protective Medical Suit for DogsXXSPink33cm
13 inches
13 inches
XS Vetgood Protective Medical Suit for DogsXSYellow43.2cm
17 inches
17 inches
S Vetgood Protective Medical Suit for DogsSBlue48.25cm
19 inches
18 inches
S-Plus Vetgood Protective Medical Suit for DogsS+Orange63.5cm
25 inches
22 inches
M Vetgood Protective Medical Suit for DogsMRed73.7cm
29 inches
25 inches
L Vetgood Protective Medical Suit for DogsLGreen89cm
35 inches
30 inches
XL Vetgood Protective Medical Suit for DogsXLPurple96.5cm
38 inches
34 inches
S Vetgood Protective Medical Suit for CatsCat SBlue25.5cm
10 inches
13 inches
M Vetgood Protective Medical Suit for CatsCat MRed30.5cm
12 inches
15 inches
M Vetgood Protective Medical Suit for CatsCat LGreen35.5cm
14 inches
17 inches


Case Study: Tilly

Tilly wearing her Vetgood Protective Medical Suit

Our GSD, Tilly, underwent a routine neutering operation in 2019, but due to a complication, a second operation was required the following day. Her stitches were opened to allow internal investigation, and her wound was re-stitched afterwards. Unfortunately, her wound did not heal as quickly as it should have, and she needed to wear a cone for several weeks.

The affect on her was quite dramatic. She could not exercise with the others, and even indoors she found it very difficult to move around without bashing into things. In short, she became subdued. It was no fun for us or the other dogs either, being caught on the shins all day long.

We switched her from the cone to a Vetgood Protective Medical Suit to allow her more freedom of movement. Although still on restricted exercise (no rough play with Toby!), her mood changed completely! Rather than being unhappy, she became calmer.

Indoors she was able to mix freely with the other dogs, and to wander around the house whenever she pleased. At night, and whenever we were not present, we put the cone back on, but we were able to stop doing so after a while as she showed no interest in her wound at all. It still took several months to heal (her wound was infected with an antibiotic-resistant infection), but eventually she made a full recovery thank goodness.

Suits sold individually.

Please note: These suits are comfortable for your pet to wear, and they can be very effective in protecting wounds, dressings, and minor skin irritations in pets, however, they do not offer the same level of physical protection as a plastic cone. We recommend that you supervise at first, and regularly check the fabric around the wound for signs of chewing or licking.

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