Walking and Lifting Mobility Harnesses for Dogs

If your dog has impaired or restricted movement, you can help to make them more mobile and comfortable with a mobility harness. The right choice of mobility harness will depend on your dog's specific needs, but several options are available. We have harnesses that are suitable for disabled, elderly, and infirm dogs, or those recovering from injury or surgery.

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Dog Mobility Harnesses

Dog mobility harnesses work well for dogs who have problems moving around and need help going about their daily activities. If your dog is suffering from a loss of mobility in the front or rear legs, you can take some or all of the strain and provide support for your dog by reducing the weight on their limbs.

Dog Lifting Harnesses

Dog lifting harnesses may be better for dogs that have some mobility but require assistance getting in and out of the car or up or down stairs (for example). Typically, they allow free movement of your dog's legs, and have straps or handles that you can use to provide weight-bearing and balance support as required. The term "lifting harness” is often used to describe harnesses that are designed to support a dog via the belly area.

Choose the support harness that is best for your dog

These supportive dog harnesses can be interchangeable, so your choice needn't be constrained by the way a particular harness is intended to be used. Think about your dog's specific challenges, and select the one that meets them best.

We have options suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog, and lifting harnesses that support your dog’s front shoulder area, the middle of your dog’s body, or that help take some of the weight from your dog’s back legs.

Our own experiences with dogs that required dog mobility harnesses have lead us to trial many different brands and designs before selecting the best ones stock and use ourselves, and we are always happy to offer advice if you aren’t sure which design to go for.

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