A freshly made bed

Preparing the polytunnel

The polytunnel is such a valuable resource allowing us to grow crops all year round but for the last couple of years we have lacked enthusiasm and motivation.  Recently we came across a new book – The Polytunnel Book by Joyce Russell – which is filled with ideas and advice for each month of the year.  We are not natural gardeners and although we have experimented, this book should help us get on the right track and stay there.

Last year we had deep snow for what seemed like months and planting was the last thing on our minds.  We grew little else apart from potatoes, tomatoes and a few lettuce leaves.

This year we are raring to go.  We have cleaned out all the rubbish, gotten rid of the raised beds and rotovated in tonnes of muck from the dung heap.

Already we have first early potatoes snuggled under a layer of weed suppressant membrane.  Thanks to advice from the book we have also planted garlic, carrots, lettuces, broad beans, mange tout and aubergines, although the aubergines are on the kitchen windowsill.

Here’s hoping for a bumper crop.

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