Cool Calm and Healthy

Keep your pet cool when temperatures soar, calm in stressful situations, and promote their health and feeling of wellbeing with our cooling, calming, and health related range. Cooling beds, bowls, and toys, calming remedies, etc.

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Products: 112 of 29

Dog Cooling Mats & Cooling Products

Keep your dog cool, calm and collected with our dog cooling mats and cooling products!

When the temperature soars in summer, dogs can easily become overheated and dehydrated. Canines have far fewer sweat glands than humans and regulate their body temperature by panting, which isn’t very efficient, especially when the weather is really hot or they are recovering after strenuous exercise.

Dog cooling mats or pads are very effective and perfect to use anywhere: in the garden, indoors or in the car, to regulate your dog’s body temperature throughout the day. Easily portable, you can take one with you wherever it might be needed. Pack it in the car for use on holidays, on outings to the beach, during picnics and for using during the car journey itself. Placing a cooling mat in the bottom of your dog’s travel crate or in their bed will provide them with cooling relief. They can also help sooth elderly pets that suffer from joint problems.

Simple yet effective, dog cooling mats and pads work by providing an area that is cooler than your dog’s body. The pad absorbs the heat and then disperses it into the atmosphere. Working through body contact, no water, electricity, or pre-cooling is required and all the cooling mats we offer for sale are easily wiped clean.

The mats come in a variety of sizes so you won’t have a problem finding the perfect one for your dog. Just make sure you choose a size large enough for your pet to stretch out on for maximum comfort!

Staying safe in the heat

A dog toy that can be frozen in the freezer or filled with deliciously icy cool water is just the thing to reduce the heat. Attractive to dogs and fun to play with, simple but cleverly designed dog toys will both and amuse and cool all at once and in no time at all.

If your dog is a water baby at heart, then you could treat them to a doggy paddling pool or even a water fountain! The pool has a non-slip lining and rigid sides, perfect for splashing around and cooling down in summer. The water fountain connects to a hose from your normal water supply and your dog can access the water whenever they want by pressing down on a dog-friendly pedal.

Dog Calming Products

A calm and relaxed dog makes for a happy dog, and a happy dog is just what every owner wants!

We have a choice of herbal remedies, sprays and diffusers to help to calm down your dog in all kinds of stressful situations. Whether it’s a visit to the vet, moving house, or a stay in kennels that triggers stress and anxiety, or simply due to being left home alone, these unique products all work in safe and natural ways, and will comfort and reassure your dog. Being made with natural and herbal-based ingredients, these effective calming products are always useful to keep in the cupboard ready to use to reduce any signs of stress and anxiety in your pet.

Safe and Natural

When things get a little too much for your dog, herbal remedies offer help to alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety. This could be due to fireworks, a trip to the vet’s, or simply a change in their daily routine. Our natural dog calming products contain 100% natural ingredients incorporated into effective and proven blends to help calm your pet’s fears without the need for sedation. Natural mixtures of herbs and essential oils assist to sooth the nerves and can be easily administered, added to food, or used in the form of sprays or diffusers.

How calming products work

Natural calming products work hand in hand with the brain’s natural pathways. In times of stress or anxiety the nerves get over stimulated, leading to the many and varied signs of stress we see displayed in our pets. The special blend of essential oils in the calming products work alongside these natural relaxation pathways and will help calm the nerves of worried and anxious canines.