Your Summer Tick List

Dogs in the long grass

Tick territory

Tick it off

For us, it’s that time of year where we need to be vigilant for ticks.

Our grass is tall, nearly ready to be cut for hay and when we walk, it swallows up the dogs – prime tick territory. Although we check our dogs frequently, we often only find ticks by chance. Cats can be the prime target for hungry ticks too, so here are the main areas you should be checking regularly on your pets.

Dogs and ticks | How to spot and remove ticks | Blue Cross

Tick removal is the same for all species, so learn the basics and ensure you have a tick removal tool as part of your pet tool kit.

Cats and ticks | How to remove a tick from your cat | Cats Protection

Pet Allergies – the season for sneezing

Pollen from the cow parsley and grass seed

In addition to ticks, we also have to contend with grass seed and pollen, all of which can act as irritants for dogs – they can suffer allergies too. Know what to look out for.

Allergies are always difficult to treat. For seasonal allergies, we have fed honey produced by local bees, but if unsure, it is best to seek veterinary advice.

Pause for paws

When the weather is hot, we also need to be aware of what our pets are walking on, be it tarmac or even artificial grass. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for their paws!

Play it cool

Keeping your pets cool and hydrated is also very important. We have two large water bowls in the house, but with four dogs, we are constantly refilling them in this weather. So ensure there is always plenty of fresh water available, particularly if you are leaving them home alone.

Caring for your Dog in Warm Weather

Tips for cool cats

Tips for cool cats

Cool down your canine

If you are out at work and your windows are all closed, create a cool place for your pets to lay in the house – perhaps with a cooling mat. Or how about a frozen treat toy such as a KONG? But make sure they don’t eat it all over your carpet! And, of course, plenty of fresh water – you can also pop an ice cube or two in their bowls.

Training Lines Cooling Products

From left to right: Fresh Breeze Mat, Cooling Bandana, Hydration Bone, Garden Water Fountain, Cooler Bowl

A hot dog is not a good dog

And finally, the most important thing to remember this summer!

We all know you shouldn’t leave dogs or any pets in cars in the hot weather, but are you aware of how quickly it could affect your dog. Just by nipping into the shop for a couple of minutes, you are risking disaster – not long is too long! Dogs die in hot cars, caravans and conservatories.

Dogs die in hot cars

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