Medipaw is a manufacturer of veterinary quality protective products for pets, such as dog boots.

Following surgery on their dog's leg, the founders were advised to keep the dressing clean and dry, and they were supplied with a makeshift waterproof 'sock' (an empty IV bag) to help. Unfortunately, the wound site became infected, requiring further intervention. Not good for them, but more importantly, not good for their dog.

After researching waterproof and breathable fabrics, durable, non-skid bottoms, and hook and loop closures, Medipaw® protective boots were launched at the American Veterinary Medical Association in 2004.

Medipaw protective dog boots are now available directly to consumers.

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MPVPVDBB11 Vetgood Basic Protective Veterinary Dog Boots
  • £23.95
  • including VAT

MPVEVPDB11 Vetgood Extreme Protective Veterinary Dog Boots
  • Tested by Daisy!
  • £25.95
  • including VAT

MPVGPMSCD111 Vetgood Protective Medical Suits for Cats and Dogs
  • Tested by Tilly!
  • £27.95
  • including VAT

MPVSPVDB11 Vetgood Slim Protective Veterinary Dog Boots
  • £29.95
  • including VAT