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Inspired by the death of his pet Mercedes, a Keeshond who suffered from epilepsy and ultimately had to euthanised, Mark C. Robinson, founder of handicappedpets.com, decided there must be other options. Support and information was needed for owners of elderly, injured and handicapped pets. He created a site in memory of Mercedes that provides products, services as well as information.  

To provide an alternative to ending a pet’s life so that elderly, handicapped, and injured pets can continue to lead happy, healthy, high-quality lives. To offer products, services and information to enable owners to care for their pets.

Walkin' Pets produces wheelchairs and associated mobility products for dogs. Their wheelchairs are fully and easily adjustable, approved by veterinarians, and very few of your dog's measurements are required (which is a blessing - measuring is not always easy if your dog cannot stand or move around very well).

We have personal experience of Walkin' Wheels wheelchairs, and the positive effect they can have on dogs' lives. Our GSD, Daisy, suffers from DM (Degenerative Myelopathy, also known as chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy - CDRM), which is an incurable, progressive condition that affects the spinal cord in dogs. Daisy started to lose coordination in her hind legs (ataxia), and as this has worsened, she is now unable to walk. Her condition is completely painless, and one of the real tragedies of her condition is that in every other respect, she is a healthy, happy, 10-year-old GSD.

Daisy is not the first of our dogs to suffer with mobility problems, but thanks to wheelchairs like Walkin' Wheels, she has had opportunities that our previous dogs did not. She still goes out walking twice a day with Archie, Toby, Tilly, and Jack, and loves every minute of it!


Walkin' Wheels and Walkin' Lift mobility products coming soon to Training Lines!

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Products: 112 of 13