Have a Pawsome Christmas!

Tuesday the Cat, who adopted us this year!

From all of us here at Training Lines, we hope you have the very best Christmas possible and roll-on next year!

As it’s the season of giving, we would like to mention five charities that we think are pretty special, thank them for all their hard work and wish them all the best for the coming year.

German Shepherd Rescue Elite (GSRE)

A UK based dog rescue with a team of dedicated volunteers with many years experience of the breed & rescue work.

Just look at how delighted Balto was to open one of the many Christmas boxes donated by supporters.

Finding the Cure for DM Foundation

“Our goal is to increase awareness, educate the public about this dreadful disease, and to help fund continuing research, that looks for additional causes, better treatments and ultimately, to finding a cure. 

Dealing with the heartbreak of DM is both stressful and costly. Helping your companion to cope with the paralysis that comes with the disease, by the use of special equipment can help your companion to have a better quality of life”.

When we were floundering, wondering how best to cope with Daisy’s DM, this charity’s Wheels to Help Me programme, helped us out with the loan of a wheelchair and plenty of advice, until we had found our feet (or wheels!). They have branches in the UK and the USA.

Our Daisy in her wheelchair

Garbo’s GSD Rescue

“Garbo’s GSD Rescue is a non-profit rescue organisation, set up not only to ease the lives of German Shepherds that need to find secure and responsible homes, but to provide education and assistance in getting the most out of every GSD”.

Many years ago Garbo entrusted us with two of her rescue dogs, Blitz and Fin, who were both fabulous dogs. We had many happy years with these two and our other GSD’s – adopt don’t shop!

Blitz and Fin

Dogs 4 Rescue

“We are the UK’s pioneering kennel-free dog rescue, saving dogs in desperate need from the UK & around the world. Our rescue is powered by love”.

This is the most amazing charity where the dogs live together and help each other and if you need cheering up, take a look at their videos and keep a special eye out for Lollipop – he will be sure to bring a smile to your face on the gloomiest day!

Starting Over Sanctuary

“We are a non-profit animal sanctuary located in Israel, we rescue and rehabilitate donkeys and horses which undergo cruelty and abuse in Arab and Bedouin villages and cities in Israel and the Palestinian Areas. We also save farm animals.

This charity is based in Israel and we were contacted by them earlier this year as they had a lamb, Malbi, suffering from a neurological injury. We shipped them a Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair and just look how happy Malbi is now!

A word of caution – there are often some very upsetting images on their Facebook page.

Malbi the Lamb

And finally…

The Trick is in the Click

Teardrop clickers

SPECIAL EDITION Teardrop Clickers

They’ll be no tears with these clickers!

What is a clicker?

A clicker is a small, plastic, (usually) hand-held noisemaker.

What do you use a clicker for in dog training?

You use a clicker as a marker. It marks the exact moment that your pet did what you wanted them to do.

Clicker Training your dog

Clicker Training your dog – total focus

What happens after the click?

You give a treat – always, no questions asked. Even if you clicked at the wrong moment.

How does it work?

Clicker training is a reward-based (positive) training method, so your pets generally love it. In the early stages, they associate the click with a treat. Once this concept is learned, every time you click, they know a treat will be forthcoming, so they work hard to achieve that “click”.

Do I have to carry a clicker forever?

No. Once the lessons are learned, you can put the clicker away until you want to teach the next trick.

It’s as simple as that.

And it really is quicker with a clicker!

Types of Dog Training Clickers

A few of the varieties available – Teardrop Clicker, Box Clicker, i-Click, Clik-R

Clickers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and volumes. The box clickers tend to be louder, and the button clickers quieter. Remember, your pets have amazing hearing, so they don’t necessarily need loud.

For the first-time clicker trainer, buttons are usually best as it is much easier to locate the clicking part. They can also be used with your foot.

Special Edition Teardrop Clickers

SPECIAL EDITION Teardrop Clickers

We happen to love these teardrop clickers. They are lightweight, fit nicely in the hand, have a good substantial click, and the button is easy to locate without being too prominent. So, we have created two fun SPECIAL EDITION varieties with pawsitive training messages!

  • Orange Teardrop Clicker – Trick & Click & Treat
  • Blue Teardrop Clicker – It’s Quicker with a Clicker

There is a small hole near the edge for fitting your favourite attachment to ensure that your clicker is always close at hand.

They make lovely gifts for your dog training pals!

Approx measurements: 6 x 4 x 2cm

Halloween Special Edition Bundle

Halloween SPECIAL EDITION Bundle

Our Halloween SPECIAL EDITION Bundle is available for a limited time only and includes the Doggone Good Rapid Reward Treat Pouch in Orange, Black Webbing Belt, SPECIAL EDITION Orange Teardrop Clicker, and Black Wrist Coil. Save over 10% on individual prices!


Imprinted Personalised Clickers

Click Start your Business

Imprinted Clickers

Imprinted Clickers

For the Pet Pro

The first time we had clickers printed with our logo, it was a considerable investment for us. We were just starting up, and 250 was the minimum quantity available. We had to think long and hard about it, and it was quite a while before we felt able to take the plunge.

Since then, we have often been contacted by dog trainers and pet professionals who love the idea of promoting their business with imprinted clickers, but who are (just as we were) unsure about ordering such a high number. Thankfully, now they don’t have to!

An achievable minimum order quantity

Imprinted Button Clickers

Minimum order quantity 32

For pet businesses that would like to test the water, smaller batches can be a much more attractive proposition, and we can supply as few as 32 clickers! Perfect if you’re not sure how many you might need, or if you are getting back on your ‘training feet’ after COVID. Could now be just the right time to get personalised?

Supply us with your design or ideas

Imprinted Teardrop Clickers

Logo, text or both – it’s up to you

The process is quite simple, and we help you all the way. Just supply us with your logo (if applicable) or contact details that you would like to see imprinted. You then choose the type of clicker, whether you want single colour or full colour, and finally, the number of clickers required – the great news is the minimum quantity is just 32 – and we will do the rest!

We will take your logo or your details and produce a proof for you. All you have to do is approve it or make changes until you are happy with it, and then we turn your chosen design into a  stunning clicker, showcasing your business.

Put your name on everyone’s clicks

Imprinted Box Clickers

Your design bought to life

Your clients will always know how to get hold of you and let’s face it, most trainers get recommendations by word of mouth, so they can easily pass your details onto friends, relatives or someone they met in the local dog park!

Read our testimonials

Personalised imprinted clickers

You choose – we print

But don’t just take our word for it – have a look at what our happy customers say:

“I was thrilled to find out that Training Lines can supply such small quantities for such a good price.  Ordering was easy, my clients love them and it’s great to be able to give them out to new customers and help to encourage positive dog training methods.  Great customer service too!”
Rachel Rodgers, PupStart

“The clickers have arrived and they are brilliant thank you so much!” 
Kimberley Grundy, Pooches Galore

“In a last-minute rush to get ready for an event, I reached out to Neil at Training Lines in the hope that he could supply me with Rebel Dog co branded clickers at super-short notice. I didn’t hold out much hope. Delighted to say that Neil proved me wrong. The service, communication and problem-solving I have been treated to whenever I have called upon Training Lines has been an utter breath of fresh air. Even at first contact I was made to feel like a valued customer – it must take a great deal of passion and dedication to get customer service this right.” 
Ross Andrews, Rebel Dog co

Click Here to get started.

What is Enrichment?

Nina Ottosson Enrichment Games

Nina Ottosson Enrichment Games

What is Enrichment for your Pet?

We hear a lot of talk about “enrichment” toys these days, but what does that actually mean?

Do your pets really need “enriching”?

We first came across the term many years ago, where it was used in connection with zoo animals. Animals confined to a cage or kept in an environment that is not natural need something stimulating to help prevent boredom and enrich their lives. To emulate activities and behaviours that they would encounter naturally.

Cats, dogs and horses are smart animals and need stimulation and enrichment too.

How many pets develop unwanted behaviours that could be down to boredom?

There are hundreds of enrichment toys available these days, but the key is finding the ones that your dog or cat or horse enjoys.

Most dogs are food motivated – but not all. Cats – and horses too. Treats can be a big part of enrichment games, but then so can toys. What about the dogs that are crazy about squeaky toys or tennis balls?

Choose your product wisely

Before you choose your enrichment “product”, take some time to discover what motivates your pet.

All of our dogs are food motivated, so any treat toy would work for them. Tilly adores squeaky toys, but they terrify Toby, so we have to be very careful.

Petsafe Ricochet

Tilly loves the Petsafe Ricochet

Most of our dogs have tried and tested various toys and games as puppies, so they are familiar with the concepts. There have been some games that they’ve taken to and others that have frustrated them and they’ve quickly lost interest.

When choosing your game or toy, ensure that it is not too difficult for your pet to “win” the prize.

Daisy tries out some enrichment toys

Daisy found the Dog Box frustrating but fully engaged with the Poker Box

You may think your pet is a genius, but start simple

Start with something simple, and once your pet has mastered it, you can move on to something more challenging.

Toby vs the Caterpillar

The Caterpillar was Toby’s first enrichment toy

The majority of these enrichment toys/games are designed to be interactive. This means that you, as the owner, should be involved too – either teaching, encouraging or removing the game once it is done. They can have small pieces that you wouldn’t want your pet to chew or swallow.

Fun for the whole family

Homemade enrichment toys

Make your own enrichment toys with treats, a muffin that’s interesting and tennis balls

Once you have the key to what stimulates your pet, you can incorporate it into your day-to-day life. Get the whole family involved. It needn’t take hours of your time or cost a fortune – just a simple routine that gets your pet engaged, relieves stress and boredom and makes them happy! Watching your pet play and figure things out can be fascinating.

Cat Activity Fun Circle

Cat Activity Fun Circle is one of Tuesday’s favourite games

Share your own DIY enrichment toys and win a prize!

Join and post a picture on our Facebook group – Canine Enrichment Ideas and you could win an activity toy for your pet!  We have a prize for the best canine and for the best cat ideas.

Our favourite things

Our Favourite Things

KONG for your pup

The KONG Classic

These are a few of our favourite things – unassuming yet amazingly useful enrichment toys

Thanks to the pandemic, many people new to pet ownership are finding their feet with their new paws and wading through the thousands of available aids, toys, and enrichment games on the market.

We see a lot of different toys for pets and there are plenty of choices, but what if you want a “toy” that has more than one purpose? One that can become a hit with your pet and your go-to item for entertainment, comfort or learning. Have a quick browse through our well-tested, favourite things.


KONG sizes

KONG – available in a range of sizes and varieties

Years ago, when we bought our pups their first KONGs, neither we nor the youngsters were impressed. We tried throwing them, but there wasn’t a lot of interest in them and they may have chewed on them for a while, but they just weren’t very stimulating. If only we had known!

KONGs solve these problems

What use is a KONG?

Fast forward a few years and we learned the secret of the KONG – the filling! Fill them with all sorts of goodies and the dogs were drooling the moment they saw them. That is the value of a KONG. Freeze them in the hot weather for a nice refreshing treat and prolong the entertainment.

KONG Stuffing

Learn to stuff ’em

Cats too, can get to enjoy this far from boring gift that keeps on giving.

Kitty KONG for cats

The Kitty KONG


Puller pup

The Puller Dog Exercise Toy

Another product that doesn’t initially excite you when you first set eyes on it. The Puller has become the number one favourite toy in our household. They all love it, even Jack, who doesn’t play with toys.

Puller range

The Puller comes in a wide range of sizes to suit all breeds

It will fly like a frisbee, roll along the ground, float in water and not surprisingly, you can use it as a puller or tuggy. If you have more than one dog, they can play tug together. Our dogs adore it, especially our Daisy, who would swim to it in the pool and even chase it in her wheelchair.

But that’s not all it does, it is also a dog fitness aid, and with it, you get instructions on just how to use it to get your dog fit. But, if fun is all you’re after, you can’t beat it!

Puller train

Train your dog to fitness with the Puller

Tug n Toss Jolly Ball

Tug n Toss Jolly Ball Floats

The Tug n Toss Jolly Ball

The Tug n Toss Jolly Ball is actually lovely to look at, but it is far more than just an ornament. This toy floats beautifully in water and, with the handle, is perfect for a dog to grab. Although our big boy Blitz never bothered with the handle, he enjoyed chomping into the body with his powerful jaws. And that’s the beauty of a Tug n Toss Jolly Ball, they may puncture, but they don’t deflate.

Jolly Ball Range

Available in a range of sizes and even scented varieties

Great for tossing, retrieving and for mouthing. They are also brilliant enrichment toys for horses and come in scented varieties to entice the equine nose!

Jolly Horse

An enrichment toy for your horse or pony

HOL-EE Roller

Hol-EE Roller

The HOL-EE Roller

This one took us by surprise. We have stocked the HOL-EE Roller for a while, but had no idea that there was a whole movement out there – #hackyourholee.

Hack your HOL-EE


Such a simple, unassuming “toy”, and yet it has a cult following. Inventive owners have come up with all sorts of wonderful ideas to turn this into probably one of the best, most cost-effective enrichment toys around at the moment.

HOL-EE Sizes

The HOL-EE Roller comes in a range of sizes

Use the HOL-EE Roller for a simple game of fetch if you wish, but you can go so much further. Attach a handle to it for an instant tuggy. Fill it with treats, or don’t just fill it with treats! Cut up some felt strips, roll the treats inside and then push them through the holes of the HOL-EE for longer-lasting fun and a handy brain game. Alternatively, put a ball or squeaker inside for some exciting entertainment. And horses can enjoy it too!

Hol-EE Roller horse

Fill the HOL-EE Roller with hay or treats to make snack time more fun

Your Summer Tick List

Dogs in the long grass

Tick territory

Tick it off

For us, it’s that time of year where we need to be vigilant for ticks.

Our grass is tall, nearly ready to be cut for hay and when we walk, it swallows up the dogs – prime tick territory. Although we check our dogs frequently, we often only find ticks by chance. Cats can be the prime target for hungry ticks too, so here are the main areas you should be checking regularly on your pets.

Dogs and ticks | How to spot and remove ticks | Blue Cross

Tick removal is the same for all species, so learn the basics and ensure you have a tick removal tool as part of your pet tool kit.

Cats and ticks | How to remove a tick from your cat | Cats Protection

Pet Allergies – the season for sneezing

Pollen from the cow parsley and grass seed

In addition to ticks, we also have to contend with grass seed and pollen, all of which can act as irritants for dogs – they can suffer allergies too. Know what to look out for.

Allergies are always difficult to treat. For seasonal allergies, we have fed honey produced by local bees, but if unsure, it is best to seek veterinary advice.

Pause for paws

When the weather is hot, we also need to be aware of what our pets are walking on, be it tarmac or even artificial grass. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for their paws!

Play it cool

Keeping your pets cool and hydrated is also very important. We have two large water bowls in the house, but with four dogs, we are constantly refilling them in this weather. So ensure there is always plenty of fresh water available, particularly if you are leaving them home alone.

Caring for your Dog in Warm Weather

Tips for cool cats

Tips for cool cats

Cool down your canine

If you are out at work and your windows are all closed, create a cool place for your pets to lay in the house – perhaps with a cooling mat. Or how about a frozen treat toy such as a KONG? But make sure they don’t eat it all over your carpet! And, of course, plenty of fresh water – you can also pop an ice cube or two in their bowls.

Training Lines Cooling Products

From left to right: Fresh Breeze Mat, Cooling Bandana, Hydration Bone, Garden Water Fountain, Cooler Bowl

A hot dog is not a good dog

And finally, the most important thing to remember this summer!

We all know you shouldn’t leave dogs or any pets in cars in the hot weather, but are you aware of how quickly it could affect your dog. Just by nipping into the shop for a couple of minutes, you are risking disaster – not long is too long! Dogs die in hot cars, caravans and conservatories.

Dogs die in hot cars

Spawting Dogs

Disc Dog

Most people have heard of dog agility, and probably a lot of people have had a go at it, but what if you haven’t got the space for all that equipment? How about trying some alternative dog sports that get you outside with your dog(s) and that you can do together. Or if you are both competitive types, take part with other sporty dog lovers.

What is CaniCross?



CaniCross is the sport of cross country running with dogs. The dog is attached to the runner’s waist with a bungee lead. It is powered, and whenever the runner’s feet are off the ground, the dog pulls the runner forward. The dog and the human form a team with the human as the driver, directing the dog from behind with voice commands. CaniCross is not only a great way to get human and canine fit but also works the dog’s mind as well as its body.

What skills does your dog need?

To successfully participate in CaniCross, your dog needs basic obedience skills. Start by teaching good lead manners during your walks. Once you and your dog are walking nicely together, start picking up the pace from a jog to a run. In addition, it’s helpful to teach your dog movement cues such as “speed up” or “slow down.”

What types of dogs can participate?

As long as your dog is fit, healthy, of the right age and able to run, you can both take part in CaniCross. Always consult your vet if unsure.

Equipment needed

The equipment needed for the dog is a comfortable fitting harness, which is suitable for running. A bungee line/lead and a waist/hip belt for the runner.

For more information:

trailrunners | CaniCross & CaniSports community

What is Treibball?



Treibball can be best described as urban herding. It is a competitive dog sport that requires teamwork between dogs and their handlers. Together, they must drive large exercise balls into the goal in a set amount of time. Handlers can only use whistles, hand signals, and verbal commands to provide direction to their dogs and play their part in the game.

What skills does your dog need?

The distance skills and verbal cues are similar to those used in agility, but with Treibball, there aren’t the same physical demands on the handler, and so people of any age and athletic ability can play. Basic skills needed are sit and down, touch an object with the nose, turn left and right and work reliably off lead.

What types of dogs can participate?

Most popular with herding breeds, but any dog can take part whatever breed or size.

Equipment needed

You will need fitness balls of varying sizes and colours, a kid-sized soccer goal, long line if your dog is unreliable off lead.

For more information:

Here’s a great video to get you started:

What is Disc Dog?

Disc Dog

Disc Dog

Disc dog takes a casual game of fetch with your dog to a different level. Dogs take part in the sport worldwide, and there are local clubs that organise meet-ups, training sessions and small competitions. In disc dog competitions, dogs and their human flying disc throwers compete in events such as distance catching and somewhat choreographed freestyle catching.

What skills does your dog need?

It will help if your dog already likes to play fetch, but it’s not a requirement. The most important thing is a good bond between human and dog. The sport celebrates this bond by allowing them to work together.

What types of dogs can participate?

Dogs of all shapes and sizes. Check with a vet first if your dog has any fitness or lameness issues.

Equipment needed

Flying discs.

For more information:

UK Disc Dogs Association

Other canine sporting activities

If none of these suit you or your canine, there are lots of other doggy sporting activities that may take your fancy and an excellent look book to get you both in the right frame of mind.

Pathway to Positivity


Scentwork UK

Try Tracking Tracking Lines


British Flyball Association

Heelwork to music

Heelwork to Music in the UK

Dog Puller

There isn’t currently a UK Dog Puller Federation, so you could start your own!

Dog Puller Fitness Tool

Dog Puller Exercise Toy

Walkin’ Wheels Second-Hand Wheelchairs

Dog wheelchairs

Does your dog need a wheelchair?

How do you know when your dog needs a wheelchair?

This is a difficult question and one we pondered on for quite a while, probably too long. It can be a big investment, so it needs to offer a lot of benefits.

With Daisy and her DM, we knew only too well the progression of the illness, but we had no idea whether a wheelchair would help her or if she would even accept it.

We eventually decided we would go ahead and try one when she still had use of all 4 legs. DM was creeping along, and she was already unsteady on her back legs but could still run and walk about indoors.

If you are struggling with this same conundrum, why not read this article for some inspiration: Dog Wheelchair – Independent Dog Wheelchair Reviews – Canine Compilation

Which is the best wheelchair for my dog?

Walkin' Wheels Wheelchairs

Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs

Another difficult question. We started out buying a second-hand Eddies Wheels wheelchair that wasn’t the ideal size for Daisy. However, we spent a lot of time and effort customising it to fit her needs. We pretty much took it apart and put it back together again in a way that suited her best. It was perfect for a few months but then started to deteriorate. We found ourselves constantly repairing it on every outing.

Her second wheelchair was from Best Friends. It was also used and on loan to us from a charity. This one was a much better fit, but our customising options were limited since it didn’t belong to us. Several other dogs had used it before we got it, so again, it was in constant need of repair. When we noticed that Daisy was struggling on her front legs, we looked around for something more suitable.

We came across Walkin’ Wheels and purchased the 4-wheel option to future-proof it. This wheelchair was the perfect fit. We were impressed by how customisable it was out of the box and the sturdiness of the frame. She seemed far more comfortable in this one than the previous ones.

Will my dog take to a wheelchair?

Daisy in her Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair

Daisy in her camo Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair

For us, this was the most critical question and one that could only be addressed the first time we put her in it.

At first, the answer was no! She refused to move. Remember, she still had the use of four legs. She much preferred being walked in a sling where she would run around quite happily with one of us trying to keep up with her.

By combining her sling with her first wheelchair, we finally got her to use it. Once she realised she had her freedom back and could chase her beloved Puller, there was no stopping her – all she had needed was the right motivation.

Wheelchairs are not just for dogs

Walkin' Wheels Wheelchairs for cats

Other animals can benefit from a wheelchair

We’ve seen cats, goats, sheep, and even ducks benefit from a wheelchair, whether it be long-term or short-term, to cope with surgery or injury.

Take a look at our range of second-hand, hardly used wheelchairs

Second-hand Walkin' Wheels Wheelchairs

Second-hand Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs

If you face this dilemma and are undecided, we are now offering a range of second-hand/hardly used Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs for sale.

We may not have the ideal size available for your dog, so if you don’t see what you need or would like further advice, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.


We never did use the front wheels. We lost Daisy in December 2019 and miss her every day. She was such a character. One thing we don’t ever regret was getting her that wheelchair. Watching her run around in her Wakin’ Wheels wheelchair was our greatest pleasure and left us with many happy memories. It gave her back some of what DM had taken away, and you could see on her face how happy and contented she was pottering around the field, sniffing out rabbits – just one of the gang and being a normal dog in her last few months.

Daisy in her Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair

Daisy – just one of the gang!

Licking Mats – Simple but Smart

What is a licking mat?

First and foremost, what is a licking mat? A licking mat is a plastic or silicone mat that can be smeared with a variety of different treats. These can include wet food, pastes, peanut butter or plain yoghurt – anything really that is spreadable and enjoyed by your pet. They come in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes but all of them have patterns of cavities and grooves to hold the treats.

Why would you want a licking mat?

Both dogs and cats find the act of repetitive licking soothing which can calm an anxious pet, so by participating in an activity that causes them to lick, they are releasing cortisol into their body – a hormone responsible for relaxation. Licking mats are a great way to help promote calm behaviour.

If you have pets that eat too quickly, you can extend their feeding time with a licking mat making them eat more slowly, produce more saliva and aid digestion. This also aids dental health helping fight off bacteria in the mouth.

And of course the big buzzword at the moment “enrichment”. The licking mat can provide mental stimulation which promotes mental health. A mentally stimulated pet is a healthy pet.

Licking mats can also be frozen thereby extending the game longer by presenting a greater challenge or maybe provide some much-needed refreshment in the hotter months.

When should you use a licking mat?

As a distraction. Maybe you’re still working from home and need time to make that Zoom call in peace.

How about bath time, nail trimming, grooming? You can get licking mats that stick on the wall, and on windows when out on a car journey.

Perhaps on Bonfire night? Something to soothe an anxious pet and take their mind off their fears.

If your pet is confined to a crate due to illness or an operation, and they need a low-impact boredom buster.

Trixie Junior Licking Plate

Trixie Junior Licking Plate

To distract and entertain your new puppy or kitten.

As a slow feeder, and of course, as a reward. At the end of a great training session, for example.

Just because you love them!

A useful addition to your toolkit

Aquapaw Feeding Mat Licking Toy

In summary, you may already have a whole stash of puzzle toys to keep your pet entertained but we believe it’s worthwhile adding this simple yet effective soothing slow feeder to your toolkit.

Bear in mind that these mats can be a chewing hazard so should only be used when supervised.

Our range of Licking Toys:

Licking Toys

Licking Toys range from left to right: iQuites Lick Treat Mat, Trixie Lick n Snack Ball, Junior Licking Plate from Trixie, Trixie Lick n Snack Platter, Aquapaw Feeding Mat Licking Toy

iQuites Treat Lick Mats

Trixie Lick N Snack Ball

Junior Licking Plate from Trixie

Trixie Lick n Snack Platter

Aquapaw Slow Treater Dog Feeding Mat Licking Toy

Calm Dog Games

Calm Dog Games

What is Calm Dog Games?

Calm Dog Games is a beautifully presented pack of cards, wonderfully illustrated with different dog breeds. It contains 52 individual challenges for dogs, along with a guide booklet to help you on your way.

As has been proven, mental stimulation can be just as engaging and demanding as physical exercise for the active canine. In situations such as our current lockdown or maybe for disabled dogs, or dogs recovering from surgery, or even just bad weather, these cards are the perfect solution.

The five categories

Calm Dog Games categories

The cards are divided into 5 different categories; Puzzle, Bond, Focus, Calm and Play, so you can quickly select an appropriate activity for your mood or desired aim. The categories are a mixture of scent games, stealth training, brain games, enrichment activities and bonding exercises to strengthen your relationship.

Whether you are training a pup, settling in a new rescue, or just spending time with your four-legged bestie, these games are great to help you bond, train and have fun together. Add joy, stimulation and enrichment to their day while developing positive behaviours such as calmness, confidence and connection with you.

How to play

  • PICK A CARD – Select from a category or choose from the whole deck.
  • FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS – Play the game for 60 seconds to 5 minutes max.
  • PLAY AGAIN OR CHILL – 3-5 games over the course of the day is sufficient.

(Some games require additional equipment)

From the creator

Creator of Calm Dog Games

Calm Dog Games is, first and foremost, for the love of dogs. Inspired by my own spaniel, Cam, my desire was to give him an interesting and enriching life.

Dogs really are the best of us, and they deserve to be listened to and heard. I believe many behavioural issues can be remedied through clear communication, gentle understanding and positive reinforcement. In essence, a calm default.

My aim is to help empower other people who have a dog in their life with the tools and strategies to communicate and connect with their dog, develop calmness and build upon that all-important bond.

Calmness isn’t just for dogs, it’s for us too.

What people are saying about Calm Dog Games

Calm Dog Games

“Great for any dog lover. Lovely cards with some great games on them. Simple ideas well thought out. Glad I bought them. I feel I have an ace up my sleeve with these.”

“A handy resource for enrichment and training. These cards are a great way to find games that will help you boost the behaviours you want from your dog.
Being able to pick a card at random is an easy way to make sure you include variety in your play.

They’re great for rainy days and handy for holidays, and they include lots of ideas that would work for dogs who are on restricted exercise.

I especially like the little book that explains the thinking behind the games and how to take them to the next level as your dog becomes an expert.

On top of that, they’re very pretty and easy to wrap, so I am working out who I can buy them for as a gift.”

“Honestly brilliant!

These are great little fun games to help focus, calm bond and play with my dog, and I love the fact that it has a little book that has higher levels of you can train further. It’s compact to carry around and to just whip one out, I really enjoy doing the focus games with my pup while out walking!”